Saturday, August 26, 2006


Hula girls, it was so fun watching them.


Hot isn't he? Ok, bad joke.


Pretty sweet huh? I got to ride in that!

Parental Units

Aren't they cute.

Curly Girls

This would be my mother. I'm drinking a daquri. It was really good and we had a lot of fun. If you ever wondered where I got the curly hair from, this lady is it.

'Little Bro'

Can you believe that he's younger?

Random Note 2 Peter 3:7

Though to God "a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day" Genesis was written by a human, to whom a day is a day. God is not a God of confusion: if it had taken Him (or if He decided to take) a thousand years to create each creation He would have said so. 2 Peter 3?9 isn't talking about creation anyway but God's timing in fulfilling His promises. He waits so that all His children are saved.

Short Story

darren’s crimes were heinous, but he didn’t care. he tried to overthrow the King, the man who had taken their dying country and turned it into a paradise, the man who had healed their sick, brought people to life, the man who cared for them. The King set up laws for their protection, and issued a small tax for the betterment of their country. compared to the love He had shown His small requirements should have been accepted with great enthusiasm. but in the beginning all resisted. they didn’t want to be ruled, they didn’t even believe that they were drowning slowly, dead men walking. His love turned many. but darren was too smart for that kind of ‘manipulation’. sheep, they were all sheep. so he built an army.

their first attack was on The King’s people. the crimes against them, women, children, infants, were too horrifying to even be told to The King, but He knew. their actions brought more people to The King’s side. and The King captured darren and his followers with the people’s help.

so now darren stood at the edge. in the center of the round stone room a belt waited for him. this belt contained all of the punishment the man deserved, The King’s righteous judgment, for the crimes against Himself and against His people. the belt induced a blinding, debilitating, never-ending pain.

even as it was strapped to him by the guards darren sneered. he even wished he could do more than what he did. the torture he brought on children, shouting at them to denounce The King. the burning, the terror, all of it he not only didn’t regret, he loved.

the guards left and the pain started. it shook every thought from his mind. his body fell to the ground and his ears were filled with his own screams. they were the same screams of those he had killed. he was in so much pain that when The Son of The King entered he barely noticed. He walked close to the writhing man and bent down so the two were face to face. something filled His eyes that darren did not understand. they were strange, wide, full, so unlike his own. he expected more pain, if it was even possible, but something inexplicable happened. The Son reach out and grabbed the belt. in a flash of white light darren found himself standing in the center of The Palace. no pain. his clothes were clean, white, new. and he wasn’t alone. The Son stood across from him wearing no shirt. across his midsection, where the belt would have been, the skin was black, burned. His hands were the same.


“I took it from you.”

“but why?”

“because I’ve chosen to love you, and I am the only one who could.”

“why-why would you love me?” something had changed in darren. it was as if he had been in a dirty room with very little air, eating rotten food, all but dead, and someone had pulled him out, cleaned him up, gave him breath, and fresh food. he felt that he had been given life.

“because I am love.”

“you are?”

“I am.”