Friday, August 21, 2009


I don't even want to think about how ridiculously long it's been since I've posted on my blog, but things have been busy.  I know, no excuse.  But I've decided to ease back in.  So quick update.  Summer is over and my first two months at Christ EPC have been awesome and crazy.  We went through 1 Peter in bible study and in Sunday School (when I'm teaching) we've been going through a series about owning your faith.  I've also been given the task of creating a picture directory for the youth group, a little overwhelming, not really my talent (I'm very relational and I love teaching bible study and sunday school) but I know God has a lot to teach me through it.  Living alone has been an enjoyable and frustrating experience.  I love being able to invite people over whenever I want, I love not worrying about waking anyone up when I watch movies or work out in the morning, but there are times when it's lonely and when I get scared at night.  Again, a learning experience.  Learning to trust God, learning to rely on Him.  Finally, I just started going to singles bible study at Christ EPC and so far (after two weeks) I'm loving it.  It's nice to be taught and hang out with people my age.  

Prayer requests: 
  • That I would grow and mature, meaning that I would become a quiet and gentle spirit
  • That I would have God's peace
  • That God would work through me in the girls lives
  • That I would become way less self focused

A fun note:  Favorite food currently is goat cheese.  I'm putting it on absolutely everything!

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AS said...

Thanks for the update. I still need to get your pointers for teaching middle school girls.