Thursday, November 05, 2009


Ok, so for the most part I really don't like Halloween. I can't watch TV because scary movies are rampant along with freaky episodes of TV shows, people throw water balloons at your car nearly causing you to get into accidents (true story, jerks), and there is no awesome meal with the family like at Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, and even the Fourth of July! However, the costume party I went to for our singles group at church was a lot of fun! I got to connect with the singles much more than I have in the past, there was lots of good food (queso!), and some really funny costumes! In the end it was a fun night! Here is a picture of a few of us. If you can't tell, I'm a bumble bee and yes, I am having to stand on my toes to get my arms over the girls on either side of me. I'm short, but tall enough to reach my hair as my dad says!

From left to right: Dr. House, Nikki (I can't remember what she was), a bumble bee, Wonder Woman, Shaggy, and in front, a tennis player! The guy who was House had the walk with the cane down almost perfectly. I couldn't stop laughing when I saw him do it! There was also a Thelma to the Shaggy, but she wasn't in the picture.

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What, what! said...

Hey Chikaty Chick. I'm doing great! School is crazy, my friends are crazier, and I just absolutely love it, even though i have SO not been concerned with football this year, which is weird.

I see you had fun at Halloween, cutest bumble-bee ever!

How is work going? Are you working with a specific age group or all youth?