Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Stuff My Bra...

Filled under TMI.

Girls athletic wear is seriously lacking in the way of pockets. I suppose that maybe some are better equipped than what I wear, but then I'm really cheap and tend to wear the same stuff for years (hence the holes in my beloved exercise t-shirts). The problem is that when I run I must have a few things, things that are absolutely essential if I want to be able to reenter my apartment complex without a lot of hassle, things like a gate key and my actual apartment key. On top of that, I enjoy running with an I-pod to add a little extra bounce to my step and while I used to have an arm band that held it in place, it somehow got lost in the shuffle in one of my many moves in the last few years. The remedy? Stuff the bras! As I wear two sports bras when I work out it's quite easy to secure my I-Pod and gate key between the layers of fabric and not have to hold everything. I admit it can be a bit uncomfortable at times and some items do shift during the flight, but it's better than gripping them in my sweaty hands and choking myself with the ear buds cord. As for my house key there is one tiny pocket in my shorts that holds it very nicely, and if all else fails I can tie it to my tennis shoes. I'm sure that all of this is much more than any of you wanted to hear, but the title came to me around mile four today and I had to share. Anyone else have creative ways to deal with necessary items when working out?


Kiki said...

lol. I think I've done that out of necessity before. But what about a fanny pack?? :)

Nicole said...


I always place my key in my shoe. It fits in the pocket of my in-step.