Thursday, January 19, 2012

Happy New Years: Non-Resolutions

The start of this new year was interesting to say the very least.  I find it mildly amusing that while most people set goals to work out more and overpopulate gyms and boot camps within the first few weeks of January I ended up missing a day and a half of work and skipping Camp Gladiator for two weeks.  What happened?  The creeping crud as one of our salesmen calls it.  Started as a dry cough and became a plague that swept through my office and took a few of us down.  Add to that major work stress and this has not been a warm and fuzzy start to 2012.  However, as usual, through even the "creeping crud", or perhaps because of it, God has been teaching me a stinking lot.  I plan to go into more detail in future posts, but I will leave you with this for now; I don't make resolutions as they tend to fail fairly quickly, instead I make Prayer Lists.  This sounds way over-spiritual or hyper religious and I rather cringe to write the phrase but it just makes more sense to me.  Making resolutions is based on my will power, making prayer lists means I'm reminded that I can't do squat on my own.  Hopefully sometime soon (when my brain isn't fried from putting together bids for our salesmen) I am going to sit down and write one out, but for now I will be thankful that God teaches me no matter what, and that He uses the crud for our good and His glory.


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