Sunday, April 22, 2012

Love Effect: Jr. High Girls Retreat 2012

Last Thursday, my parents headed off on a trip to France.  This left their beautiful house in Fulshear wide open for me to take the Jr. High Girls on a little retreat this weekend.  We're all a little sleep deprived and, what a shock, I'm a little sunburnt.  Here's some of what happened, picture style.
The weather was gorgeous, but the pool was fairly cold.  Some were brave... 
Other... not so much
Brooke found an awesome craft on Pintrest where you glue crayons to poster board or a canvas and melt it with a hair dryer.  

Abby's creation, not quite done

Beth - I can't figure out how to flip this...

Brooke's boat

Ravyn's curtains

Margo's rain...

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