Friday, February 15, 2013

Read Consider the Cross Before it's Cool

Be forewarned: shameless plug ahead. 
I'd planned on writing this beautiful review of Consider the Cross, making you cry with my introduction and basically making it impossible for you to do anything other that head over to Amazon and buy yourself a copy.  Unfortuneately, I've spent a great deal of time reading for my Covenant Theology class that starts up tonight and so I can no longer brain (read: communicate basically at brain is currently mush).  Instead, I'm just going to provide you with a pretty picture (*points below*) and encourage you to support a wonderful writer who has decided to enter the somewhat shakey world of self publishing. 
The author of the blog I Still Hate Pickles (otherwise known as Kirsent Oliphant) has also written and self published one other book and a Christmas devotional that you really should check out.  Her wisdom and insight coupled with honesty and vulnerability make excellent writing and enjoyable reads.  With the way my brain is functioning today I cannot do her justice at all, so please go check out her blog and then head over to amazon.  It's only a few bucks and definitley worth the money.

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