Tuesday, April 11, 2006

All in Vain?

In a world where everything you do is analyzed to death, you start to feel like a statistic. Sociologists say you're a product of society and basically have no hope of being something new, psychologists say that you're a product of you're experiences (from childhood of course) and argue how much is nurture or nature, and some say it all has to do with sin. Honestly, looking at little kids (those least exposed to society and experiences) I'd have to argree that the way we are roots back to sin nature. Kids don't have to be taught the word "mine", nor do parents have to teach them how to be disrespectful. Parents do, hawever, have to teach kids how to share and be polite. One very personal example I've found is my cousin. His parents have done an excellent job of disciplining and loving him and yet he has basically thrown away bits and pieces of his life. So should we give up, believing that our best efforts are worthless and let future generations rot and decay? No. For there is One who has power over the all consuming sin nature. One who "did not consider equality with God something to be grasped", one who "gave His life as a ransom for many". Jesus came to earth, was tempted in every way, conquered in every way, paid the pentalty for our sins by dying on the cross, and rose again. He left us the Holy Spirit to be our life renewer and guide. Just think. Christ left His Father's throne above...to make a wretch His treasure. Chew on that.

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