Monday, April 17, 2006

Foiled Joy

There were two times in my life where I've spoiled my own suprise, and it always took some of the joy away from the actual gift. The first was a Christmas present. I had asked my parents for a bike because I wanted to start riding every day (hey, I did it for a while, now I use it for college). As Christmas was approaching I decided to go into the guest room to get something or other, and there in the corner by the bed stood a beautiful mountain bike. When my parents brought it out Christmas morning I was excited, but not half as excited as I would have been had I not known I was getting it. Some of the 'flavor' was sucked from my joy. The other instance was my nineteenth birthday. It was summer and we had an intern at our church who was really good about hanging out with my little brother. He called the house and asked for Thomas. In a moment of immaturity I listened to their conversation for two seconds; two seconds too long. He informed my brother that there was a surprise for my birthday that afternoon. I hung up feeling dissapointed. I knew that joys of being surprised before and at that moment I understood how it felt to have a surprise ruined. It was even worse because it was my fault.
So why all this about ruining surprises and such? Well last Wednessday at RUF (Reformed University christian Fellowship) we had a girl's night and we talked about sexual purity. I was thinking about my upcoming birthday and about this subject (and looking at wedding dresses like a silly little girl); don't start the honey moon early. Besides the most important issue of waiting for marriage because God commands us to, the fact is, sex outside of marriage is like a spoiled gift. It is like someone taking a present, a very precious present, giving it to one person, taking it back, then giving it to someone else. It looses it's value and the joy it brings. The present bares evidence of being handled by someone else. It's like the Seinfeld episode where the dentist gets a present from Elaine, then gives it to Jerry. A 'regifter' I believe is the term used. And how much more valuble are our bodies? Scripture says that out bodies are a temple, God's temple. So don't start the honey moon early. Don't peek under the wrapping paper. Be patient, and God will bless you.

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