Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Things I Did Not Expect

There are a few things I didn't expect to experience while I was in Peru.  I expected a little culture shock, to be tired, to not be as clean or as sweet smelling as usual (;-P), to maybe get sick from the food (which thankfully hasn't happened yet), and to be busy (also hasn't happened yet).  But I didn't expect to get electrocuted by my shower.  That was a very bizarre first experience.  It's happened three times sense I've been here because I've touched the top of the shower head and the knob too close to the source.  By the third time I had stopped swearing thankfully and hopefully it will not happen again.


Heather said...

Thus the name "widowmakers".
Welcome to Trujillo. :)

Brian said...

Ok, so I'm not one to worry about unlikely things, but considering your shower story, you might want to check out this story:

Praying for you. Let us know if we can help you out in any way.