Monday, July 21, 2008


Today was the first day of training.  It was strange because two of the other interns didn't get to Trujillo until 10:30 this morning so we didn't start until after lunch at 2:30.  So I had the entire morning to myself.  I jump roped in the roof (a very cook - both metaphorically and physically), had breakfast (apple and yogurt - should have eaten more), then walked to SALI.  Lunch was amazing, then we went to the new Starbucks (it's taking over the world!!!) so that we wouldn't fall asleep during orientation.  I hope that I'll be ok at teaching, but for now I still have a week of training and then the jungle...

Continued prayer is greatly appreciated.  Pray that I'll adjust to food and that teaching is in my blood (mom's a teacher, think both grandparents were teachers - genetics is on my side), and that I will be bold in taking opportunities to witness to those around me.  Consequently, pray that I will pick up on Spanish!  

Grace and peace!

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Brian said...

We're praying for you and are excited about hearing from you throughout your trip!