Thursday, April 25, 2013

Office Oddities

One thing I can say about my job without the slightest hesitation is that it’s given me many entertaining (Painful?  Embarrassing?  Terrifying?) stories.  From spilling the contents of the whole puncher all over the floor to rude solicitors to ridiculous questions (Random employee: "Why haven't I gotten my pay check?"  Me: "Did you maybe change your address?" Random Employee:  "Well...yeah."  Me: "Did you send us an e-mail to that effect?"  Random Employee:  "No."  Me (internal dialogue):  "I'm so sorry, my telepathy's on backorder..."), my job as a receptionist/administrative assistant has taught me a lot and given me many laughs.   

Today’s office oddity?  Having to literally unscrew a document in order to scan one of the pages.  Apparently, the company in question cares highly for the safety of the contents of said documents…

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