Sunday, August 31, 2008

Climbing Through Windows

I had a little adventure.  Yesterday evening I went out with some of the other SALI interns and after dinner a few of them wanted to go to the mall.  I was pretty tired and my stomach was acting up a little to I decided to go home.  Julie, being the sweet girl that she is agreed to share a taxi with me and we rode home.  So far, so go.  

When we reached our street, however, we realized that we only had a working key to the front gate.  At first we thought that this wasn't a problem, Sarah, in theory, was supposedly home and we could knock and easily get in.  Unfortunately, when we knocked we received no answer.  Being the control freak that I am, this really bothered me.  I wanted to get in and it wasn't fair that I couldn't.  (Can we say "Me monster"?)

So after a few minutes of knocking and whining from yours truly, I decided to try another approach.  On the stairwell there is a little wall, partly thick blocks of glass, partly sheet rock... or something.  So I climbed up on the wall and reached for our kitchen window.  To my delight one side was unlocked.  To Julie's horror, I climbed over the wall and into our kitchen.  Quite exciting.

The one thing I wish was that I was better about accepting the little bumps in my perfect routine (-eye roll-).  Hopefully, that is something God will e fixing in me.  Thankfully, He never gives up on even the most stubborn of his sheep.

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