Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Verbal Murder

“Learn to read idiot, that’s not what he said.”

“Her short hair and dark eyebrows make her uglier than she normally is.”

“Planning to burn a cross in their yard? How ignorant can you be?”
I always make myself a promise, and I always break it. When reading articles online I inevitably make the mistake of reading the comments section down below. It’s utter foolishness on my part, because I know that what I will read will assuredly depress and anger me. People rip into each other with harsh words and little regard for logic in sorry attempts at debate. Part of me wants to laugh wondering, “Do you really think that calling someone a moron is going to open their ears or stop them?” And part of me just wants to cry.

Psalm 19:14

Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, my rock and my Redeemer.
But I’m no innocent by-stander, though certain things restrain me from name calling in the comments section of internet articles, I curse people in my mind, occasionally (more often than I would care to admit) deeming them idiots, morons, ignorant. Sure, no one hears that, I avoid hurting feelings, I’m able to participate in outwardly respectful debate, but that does not make me innocent. Though silent I am still tearing down my fellow man, still murdering them in my heart. More importantly, I am cursing a creature God has made, a creature He formed in the womb, a creature whose story He wrote and eternity He planned. “Silently” I offend the Holy God of the universe.
I don’t like to face this. I want everyone to believe that I’m pretty stinkin’ awesome. But in coming to grips with the sin in my own heart a few beautiful things can happen. This humbling realization allows me to view others with a grace I would not otherwise be able to see through, it allows me to love others in their failings with less self-righteousness than I might have before, it shows me just how amazing the grace of God is.

There is lots of discussion out there about certain types of people being hypocrites (especially in comments sections), specifically Christians. In a lot of ways I think this word is terribly misused and little understood, but I also think the term applies to everyone who has ever existed. If you are breathing on this planet, you’ve been a hypocrite at one point or another. The only real solution, the only real way to flee from this pitfall, is to confront your own sin and come face to face with the only One Who ever met the standards of righteousness and holiness. May our hearts be humbled that grace may abound.

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