Thursday, October 23, 2008

End of the Third Month

So this is the end of my third month and I thought it would be good to evaluate how things have been so far.  Some things I really want to improve on are:

  • Patience when things throw my schedule off and with my students
  • Making time for my students outside of class
  • Seeking opportunities to present the gospel in the class room
  • Seeking to encourage the other missionaries and interns down here with me
  • Purposefully praying for those around me and those I've left behind
  • And as always, seeking God's direction
So pray with me if you will.  Next month I have two of the same groups of students with me and I'm hoping to continue to build relationships with them.  One student already wants to go to lunch with me!  I'm so excited.  For part of the time we're going to practice English and part of the time we're going to practice Spanish.  She's already a Christian I think but I hope this will be an opportunity for discipleship or mutual encouragement!  Often times I find when I'm working so hard to help others often times they help me.  I really appreciate that because I know that God's giving me some encouragement through them.

Thanks for everyone who reads and prays!  Love and miss you all! 

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