Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mancora Pictures Part 2

More pictures from Mancora.  Someday I will get a downloader for my camera.

I believe that this picture was taken Friday night after another day of huge waves and
 sun.  We had just gone to dinner at a great "Mexican" restaurant with HUGE margarita
s and piña coladas.  I had a veggie quesadilla that was out of this world.  Afterwards, we visited a huka bar.  Side note: I do not typically smoke, but being on vacation I tho
ught it would be fun.  Chances are my smoking escapades will stay in Mancora.  It's kind of like Vegas: what happens in Mancora stays in Mancora!

This is to give you a little taste of what the waves
re like Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Normally, I'm all for goi
ng pretty far out and living it up in chill waves or even doing a little body surfing, but these were the biggest waves I've ever seen personally.  Not to mention the undercurrent that seemed to want to pull us out
 to sea.  I'm a pretty good swimmer but going out there would have been 
plain stupid.  We saw two people have to get rescued for going out too far.  Needless to say, we stayed near the beach.

However, a few people, obviously much stronger swimmers than myself who probably grew up 
on the beach braved the waves and surfed.  I was sad that we didn't get a chance to surf, buy 
lying on the beach just chilling out was fabulous.  Maybe one day I'll get a chance to try again, but last weekend it was just not meant to be.  

Some of us did get to ride horses on the beach though!  Patty and Gillian paid the equivalent of
 $5 to gallop through the sand to the sound of waves.  Gillian's horse was a bit confused to begin with, running in all sorts of random directions, but eventually they got things figured out.  I now wish I'd spent the 20 soles as well!

One of the best parts of Mancora was that we chilled long enough to watch amazing sunsets.  The picture doesn't quite capture it, but hopefully this will give you and idea of what we saw.  

Another picture from the first day.  While waiting for our lunch, two very tanned "vendors" came by selling henna tattoos.  After a little thought, I decided to go for it and get one.  It is only supposed to last for about ten days but showering makes them fade much faster.  My very cool sun makes me want a real tattoo, but there are two problems with that: they last forever and ar
e expensive... hmm.  Not to mention the heart attack it would give my poor mom.  I don't want to send her to an early grave.  So I think for now, I will stick with the semi-permanent tattoos, because who knows how it will look when I'm 8o!  Ew.

And finally, the eight hour bus ride home.  On the way to Mancora our seats were a bit nicer and though I did not sleep perfectly, I slept much better than I did on the way back to Trujillo.  The seats on the return bus were... special, as you can see from Gillian's seat.  It was not supposed to go back quite that far.    As you can see from my last picture, I'm a bit worried about the outcome of this trip.  As is Julie.

The trip is how many hours long?  Oh.  Only eight?  Psh, no problem.  Our bus ride to the jungle ended up being about 22 hours my second week in Peru.  Eight hours I can handle.  Thankfully, I got to sleep in back in Trujillo and then got to bed early Monday night.  Bus rides always make me thankful for beds!  Welcome back to Trujillo!


marigirl said...

wow!! beautiful. looks like fun :) and your tatoo is cute---i think there's a type of tatoo ink that fades after several years, but it's injected the same way so it might leave scarring

Anonymous said...

What about the heart attack and disownment of you it would cause your father?

Cute tattoo is an oxymoron.

Sorry Mari :)