Monday, April 13, 2009


Back to the real world today!  Last Wednesday night Heather, Gillian, Julie, Patty, and I headed off to the beautiful beach town of Mancora.  We laid on the beach, ate Mexican food, got henna tattoos, drank Almond Joys (amazing), and were woken up by roosters.  It was an amazing vacation and my only regret was missing Easter Sunday.  I'm sad to say that my prayer time was not as fruitful as I would have liked it, but Lord willing I plan to spend more time now that I'm back.  

As of now I am exhausted.  We took a bus from Mancora to Talara and then from Talara to Trujillo.  It was eight hours and despite the sleeping pills there was not a lot of sleeping going on for me.  So look forward to a better update with pictures!  For now, here's one that Patty took!

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marigirl said...

can't wait to see pictures of this!! when are you going home? I'm leaving here next week