Thursday, April 02, 2009

Sick Again

I'm starting to think that there is something wrong with me.  Last night I went to the beach with Gillian, Julie, and some other church friends.  I was hungry, so I went to get a pizza from the bar right on the beach.  As I was standing there, I decided that it wouldn't hurt to get a drink too.  I'm on vacation, right?  So I ordered a rum and coke to go with my very large Hawiana pizza.  It was fabulous.  But after a little while I started feeling bad, really bad.  I lay down by our campfire (after paying of course) and hoped I'd get better.  However, after a little while I decided that this wasn't going to happen.  The ride home was rough and I crashed the instant I was in my room.  Around 2 AM I woke up with the desperate need to go to the bathroom.  For the next few hours (about four or five) I was up on the hour and back to the bathroom.  I won't go into the details for those with weak constitutions but lets just say it was bad.  I also had a killer headache and the shakes and at one point we ran out of toilet paper.  Bodegas (little stores where you can buy different things, like toilet paper) are unfortunately not open at 5 AM.  Thankfully, around noon it was all over.  I made it to bible study and up to SALI so I could connect with the outside world.  

Considering the fact that this is the fourth time in the last four months that I've had stomach issues I think I'll be headed to the clinic in the near future.  It's always possible that I have a little critter roaming around in my intestines somewhere... ew.  Keep me in your prayers!

P.S.  One more prayer request:  I have a job interview on Sunday.  It's a phone interview and that makes me a little nervous, so for anyone reading this, pray that God will speak through me, that the Vonage phone will work fine, and that I will stay calm.  Thanks!

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marigirl said...

hey Courtney, there's probably no critter to be worried about. I got sick several times---once for three days where I honestly thought I was going to die and have my body shipped home to the states---that summer in north Africa. It's just your body adjusting to different bacteria. Be thankful it only lasted until noon! I know some people who had it the entire 2.5 months. 2.5 months of running to the bathroom!! can you imagine????