Monday, January 24, 2011

More on Living in Fulshear

Ladies and gentlemen, not only do we live in the boonies, but said boonies are low lands. Ever since moving out here my parents have been in an epic battle with the sump pump to try and drain the rain water from our yard. Imagine the scene in Christmas Story where Ralphie's father fights with the furnace... only without all the language and no ugly broken leg lamp. Thus far the score remains sump pump: 2, parents: 0.

This is a picture of our yard this morning after a night of rain. I'm waiting to see the squirrels floating around in little ships reminiscent of Noah's ark with mocking birds, skunks, and snakes lining up two by two. Or maybe even a few of the snails my Jr. High girls harassed the last time they were at my house. Either way, I have thankful for the rain. If anything, it always inspires me to write. More to come on living in the country.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't it obvious that Dad's in Algeria? But your Mom says that she has some hip waders now, so she's ready to brave the floods and battle the blasted sump pump.

Signed, Anonymous