Thursday, November 20, 2008

Prayers For SALI

So, for those of you keeping up, I've just finished my fourth month at SALI.  Things went well this past month, my students have improved a lot which is awesome, but they need work on grammar (as do I =P).  Yesterday (the last day of class for the month) I went out with my Basic 8 class for Cebiche, it was fabulous and though we spoke Spanish pretty much the entire time the little English they did speak was so much improved!  I have two of the same classes next month and a new class.  It's going to be a little crazy teaching three grammar classes but I've already taught one of the courses so it shouldn't be too bad.  Just a TON of grading.

Now, prayers for this month:
  • SALI has to move.  The details are sketchy and confusing but the bottom line is we have to move before January.  We had thought about closing SALI for December as it would be very busy trying to move and teach but we would not be able to pay our bills if we closed to that idea got panned.  The big problem right now is finding a place.  As of now I don't think we have anything.
  • The girls have to move.  Despite our contract with the man who is in charge of our apartment the guys who owns the building wants to move into our specific apartment by January and in the spirit of avoiding unnecessary confrontation it was decided that we should leave.  I'm not going to lie, I'm not real excited as I have moved about 7 times in the last six months, so the prayer is that I will be thankful that God is the one in control and that this is somehow the best.  So pray for sanity with all this moving and that our students won't suffer.
  • That despite all the craziness please pray that God will show His love and patience through me and that I will have a thankful spirit rather than a complaining one.  
Thanks so much to everyone who has been praying for me and keeping up with my blog.  I hope to see as many of you as possible when I come home for Christmas!  God bless!


marigirl said...

boo, moving is a pain. I'm moving next Friday, so I'll be thinking of you. actually, i'll probably be thinking, "put that down! take that upstairs! don't break that! thank you for taking off your shoes!" as we have two shipments coming from overseas that day...I feel your moving pain.

marigirl said...

blog tag! you're it: