Friday, November 14, 2008

Time for a Random Post

Every morning I make oatmeal for breakfast with a little peanut butter.  It's tasty, pretty healthy, and it keeps me full until my midmorning snack.  However, this morning when I was making it things did not go so well.  Yesterday one of our friends from church came over to make ceviche and some other fish dish (I could never figure out the name).  Ceviche is fish that has been prepared with lemon and aji (not a clue if I spelled that one right) which is a spice they use here.  The acid in the lemon makes it safe to eat without cooking (I realize that I may have people correcting me on this and corrections are appreciated =P).  The other dish was incredibly spicy and sooo good.  Unfortunately, they used the little pot that I use for my oatmeal.  I smell the spiciness this morning and had second thoughts about using it, but then decided to try.  Mistake.  My oatmeal was spicy and disgusting.  I felt pretty silly.  Needless to say, tomorrow I will be using another pot!

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