Sunday, March 22, 2009

Parents, brothers, and Machu Picchu

My parents came to Trujillo last week.  We spent Sunday night, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in 'The land of eternal spring' and then headed to Lima to meet my brother and fly on to Cusco.  It was an awesome week and, although it made me a bit more homesick than before, it was wonderful getting to hang out with them and show them where I've been living for the past nine or so months.  Here are some pics from our amazing week.
Dad and Me atop the Arevalo church.

Mom and Me atop Arevalo
Mom, Dad, and Me at Big Ben's in Huanchaco. (Correction, thanks to Janelle!)

Mom and me in Huanchaco... I can't remember the name of the boats behind us... ask my Dad if you know him =D
Thomas, a llama, and me in Machu Picchu.

More to come...

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Tom Lott said...

The boats are called caballitos de totora, and the llama's name is Guido.