Friday, June 29, 2012

And then...That Happened...

Not the biggest of disasters really, but it was still rather funny.  I don't even remember what I was carrying, but I turned around a little too fast and this was the end result.  Apparently, I need to slow down.  A few weeks ago I ran into the corner of my desk and ended up with a bruise on the side of my leg that looked like I'd taken up roller derby again.  Why is it that disasters like these can be so amusing?  Maybe it's because they are often so ridiculous that you almost can't believe they've happened (like my tire cover which, by the way, fell off again this time in the Fiesta parking lot)?  Maybe it's because they tend to look way worse than they are?  Or maybe it's because in the ridiculous accidents that happen in your life you connect with other people who have similar ridiculous stories?  I rather think it's all of the above.  And in this spirit of bonding through life's little disasters, what's something crazy that's happened to you this week?

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