Friday, February 13, 2009

Blog Help

Does anyone know how I can center my text a little better?  I want my blog to be readable but it often is obscured by different objects in the background.  I've seen lots of blogs where the text is right in the middle, but mine is all spread out.  If you have any advice please share.  I'm rather technologically impaired.  =P


Kierstyn said...

Here's the only thing I can think of. I think it has little to do with your text, and more to do with your background. You might want to make sure it's a regular (2 colum) background. It looks a bit like a three colum background to me. Also, check layout style.

Hope that helps!

Kiki said...

I think that if you go to your settings, it's the template you've chosen. You can play with different templates, but if you want to use one of those fun backgrounds from cutest blog on the block or whatever, they'll often tell you which one works the best. I think one of the minima ones usually works well. Hey, another Kirsten, spelled Kierstyn! Cool!!

Anonymous said...

i'm gonna make my own blog