Saturday, February 14, 2009

Shiny Soles

Ok, so last night I went out to dinner with two of the teachers from SALI: Dorcas and Patty, sort of an early Valentines girls night.  I paid with a hundred and the guy didn't have change in bills.  He gave me a roll of twenty soles, in change, along with the rest of my change.  They were just so pretty and new that I could not help but share a picture of two of them.  

It's very helpful to have change here in Peru because Taxi drivers don't always have change for tens and twenties.  This is also the reason why I have to carry around a change purse instead of a wallet.  It makes much more sense.  

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Hamilton, mas que un cigarillo en Peru said...

Hey chica! I just read your blog and kind of got to catch up with you the past couple of months via that. You sound like you are doing excellent, I hope you really are!

I got to see Michelle this weekend and Sam briefly! It made me miss all y'all still down there so much!

I'm so glad you are getting to do stuff with the arevalo girls!! ahhh Court I'm so happy for that! (Are you singing now with P-money at church? You better be) Tell the missionary girls hey and any arevelo chicas tambien. and Noemi and everyone!
Have a great week!! mwahh!