Wednesday, February 25, 2009


A quick note:  I'm not always a huge Christian music fan, but I've always liked Caedmon's Call, particularly Derek Webb.  Not only is the music quality, but the lyrics are often clever. always scriptural, and often very convicting.  Webb especially likes to call into question our Southern Christian Republican assumptions and though that's hard sometimes and I don't always agree with him I do appreciate the questions he raises.  I say it's better to ask hard questions than to simply believe because your mommy, daddy, and preacher do.  We need to make our faith and general beliefs our own, making certain that they line up with scripture and the spirit of God's law.  

My parents bought me the new CD by Caedmon's Call for Christmas and I have gotten sucked in.  They have not failed to disappoint me at all and their is a very strong Derek Webb vibe in all of the lyrics.  So here is my shameless plug: if you are into chill music with good harmony and lyrics, buy and enjoy.  This is a great CD to wake up to in the mornings.

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